Meditrans does not stop


According to the “Gino Marchet” Contract Logistics Observatory, after years of uninterrupted growth, the positive trends in third party logistics have suffered a sharp slowdown due to the spread of Covid-19. 2020, and the lockdown in particular, led to a significant drop in turnover, despite the signs of a recovery recorded from June onwards. On the other hand, the transport services that have withstood the shock of the crisis and indeed recorded growth, are those related to online commerce, to the food and healthcare sectors.

The 2020 and 2021 of Meditrans: goals and objectives

Meditrans faced the past year with recklessness and quickly and resolutely reacted to the blows inflicted by the pandemic on the Logistics sector. Despite the difficulties encountered by some customers our company closed the 2020 positively, with an increase in turnover of 20%.

Tenacity, passion and courage were the winning elements that allowed our company to overcome the global crisis while continuing to grow. We have continued to invest in vehicles, equipment and opening new branches. In a market in temporary contraction, outsourcing in general and Meditrans in particular have focused on increasing flexibility and capillarity. Our company, already widely branched, aims to create a more and more widespread network.

However, Meditrans does not intend to invest only in vehicles and technologies, but programmatically focuses on the human factor, strongly believing in the concept of human ‘resource’. For this reason, our company intends to pursue its goal of expansion, enhancement and growth of personnel also in 2021.

Our company does not simply aim to grow, but intends to do so in a manner consistent with the market and the customers’ requests. This 2020 has highlighted the way forward: we need to focus more on increasingly flexible and customized transport services.

Having analysed the demands of the market, Meditrans has decided to implement a new service to meet all those companies that need to ship small quantities of goods. Our new Messaging service for packages and pallets is characterized by a high level of customization and by the delivery of quantities of goods lower than the logistic standard.

With a view to greater flexibility, Meditrans continues to invest in the intermodal transport, an ecological and cost-effective kind of shipment for the customer. This is why our company is implementing new routes for this kind of transport, such as the one that directly connects Giovinazzo to Parma.