Messaggerie, transportation and delivery of packages and parcels

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Messaggerie, transportation and delivery
of packages and parcels

Messaggerie is a service created by Meditrans to guarante the delivery of packages and parcels throughout Italy

It’s a reliable and convenient service which guarantees the delivery of parcels to individuals with exceptional timing throughout the national territory.

It’s a flexible solution designed to respond to the increasingly request to ship products purchased online by individuals from many companies in the Italian territory

The creation of this new service is a further tangible sign of our business development and the diversification of the services offered which are increasingly focused on the delivery of parcels and the development of groupage transport, in order to manage multiple shipments commissioned by different senders.

Messaggerie is an economic service thanks to the Meditrans network of logistics platforms and distribution points throughout the country and to the logistics coordination of the customer service.

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